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Membership in ODTC

Come join us!

There are three types of membership at ODTC -- individual, family, and honorary.
Individual membership dues are $40 per year (check) or $42 per year (PayPal).
Family membership dues are $55 per year (check) or $57 per year (PayPal).
Honorary membership has no dues and has no voting privileges. Voted on by membership.
Individual and Family memberships have voting privileges.

To apply for membership in ODTC, just fill out the Membership Application Form and bring it with you when you attend a monthly meeting.
In addition, you will need to fulfill the requirements as stated in Standing Rule #10 (see below). The ODTC Standing Rules are available as a PDF file download.

ODTC members meet the fourth Monday of (almost) every month at 7:30 P.M. at the Florida Hospital Association's regional office, 307 Park Lake Circle, Orlando.. See the Home page for up-to-date meeting location information.

ODTC is offering another way for current members to pay their membership renewals! PayPal!
Just select the type of membership in the table below and click the Buy Now button. You will be taken to the PayPal website where you can use your credit card to pay.

Type of Membership

For those who wish to continue paying by check, you can bring your check to Rose at the next membership meeting.

Or if by mail, to ensure proper recording, please return your updated Membership form and dues to:
Rose Oesterle
3845 Kitty Hawk Ave.
Orlando, Fl. 32808-2721

The conditions of membership are described below in our club's by-laws:

Standing Rule #10

"Each new applicant for membership into the Orlando Dog Training Club shall attend two (2) monthly meetings and shall apply on a form as approved by the Board of Directors accompanied by appropriate fees for membership. Membership applications will be accepted for review by the Board after one of the following:

A. Applicant has attended two obedience training sessions at ODTC in the preceeding six months, has volunteered at one ODTC event and has attended two general meetings, OR

B. Applicant has attended one obedience training session at ODTC the preceeding six months and is currently enrolled for a second session, has volunteered at one ODTC event, and has attended two general meetings, OR

C. Applicant has attended one obedience training session at ODTC in the preceeding six months and volunteered at two ODTC events and attended two general meetings.

An obedience training session is defined as an 8-week class. Volunteering at an ODTC event is defined as one complete (full) day of Stewarding at a trial/match, assistant instructor for an 8-week class, or match chairperson. Other volunteering duties would be considered at the discretion of the board."

Photos from our February Club Meeting

2017-02 ODTC Meeting

We gave out Plaques and Bars to 19 members, who earned 65 titles with 27 dogs in 2016

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